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Frequently asked questions

Can Grapl support my custom data sources?

Grapl provides plugin capabilities that can be leveraged to parse arbitrary datasources - you have the full power of code at your disposal to parse even the most complex data formats, leveraging open source libraries to do so.

Does Grapl come with any detection rules out of the box?

We build detection rules and open source them based on our own usage or user feedback. Some rules may only be available to customers upon request, and we're happy to assist customers who are looking to detect attacks we don't yet cover. You can find a set of Grapl detection rules

How does Grapl compare to other SIEMs?

Grapl is truly different from the rest of the SIEM marketplace. We're the only SIEM that provides a code and API first approach with powerful graph analytics, enabling detection that are hard or impossible in other SIEMs

When will I be able to use Grapl?

We're hard at work to make sure that Grapl is efficient, effective, and as secure as it can be. We expect to release in early 2022 - reach out for more details or if you're interested in being an early adopter.