Grapl, Inc.!

For over two years, Grapl, a graph platform for detection and response has been under active development. In February 2020, Grapl, Inc. has officially been founded as a company, marking an exciting move forward in Grapl’s development!

We are committed to providing a best in class security product, accelerating your ability to detect and respond to attackers, identify vulnerable or mis-configured systems, and generally help you keep your customers and data as safe as possible.

With multiple developers either in the process of onboarding or already working full time on Grapl, we will be working on significant improvements to every aspect of Grapl’s experience, with a focus on providing immediate and streamlined security value to organizations.

We have a lot of exciting development on the way, so keep an eye out for Grapl’s improvements over the next few months!

If you’re interested in using Grapl at your company, or even if you just have questions about the product, feel free to reach out to, or message us on Twitter, @GraplSec!

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