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Grapl is a next generation SIEM 

for detection engineers

and incident responders.



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Grapl lets you work 

How you want to work.

Detection Engineers and Incident Responders spend most of their time cleaning logs, trying to connect dirty data, and working with weak, disconnected log sources that give minimal information about events.


Working with this data is a massive time sink, and takes away time that should be spent building out new attack signatures and catching attackers.

Grapl cuts out tedious data-fighting work for you. Grapl takes in raw, unenhanced logs, and automatically cleans and joins them together, exposing the information as a powerful graph representing all of the entities and behaviors across your environments.


Grapl provides an intuitive and efficient interface to your data giving you time back to focus on what's important – keeping your infrastructure secure.

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Built by security engineers

for security engineers



express complex

attacker behaviors

as a graph


in Alerts

add unit tests, linters,

and static typing to

your attack signatures

leverage powerful

data science tools like

Jupyter notebooks

for your investigations






correlate your detections building up

 summary risk profiles


extend Grapl to

represent all of

your data using

our plugin system

How Grapl Works

Grapl ingests your

raw logs

You write attack 

signatures in Python

Grapl visualizes the

attackers actions 

as a graph

You catch attackers

Grapl uses Python-based detection logic and a graph representation of your environments, so no attacker behavior is too complex to express.


Grapl is a hybrid-managed security solution that leverages serverless technology to eliminate operational overhead. Built primarily on Serverless technology in AWS, Grapl is able to offload the majority of operational work (hardware management, storage, patching, etc) to the experts at AWS.


Stop fighting your data and

start connecting it with Grapl.


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